804# New 2FX

GP Laurer with QQE and Gann High/Low

Price action Momentum Strategy

Submit by Lorenz created by Xard777


Today I want to bring to the attention of forex Strategies Resources readers an old Xard777 system that seems to work.

The trading system is called New 2FX is a hybrid momentum price action, based on the price acition indicator of support and resistance GP Laurer, Gann high / low, a filter of the momentum the QQE indicator (filtered by Rsioma). The logic of the system is to trade when all three indicators agree.

Time Frame 15 min or higher.


Currency pairs: any, Commodities and Stock Market Indices.

Metatrader 4 Indicators:

SEF5 05 (default setting);

Band Bolliger stop (8, 2, 1.0);

SEFC 10 (default setting);

Ferrux FX Multinfo;

GP Laurer (240 TF for trading on the 5, 15, 30 and H1 );

Gann (52, 13);

Xard price info;

Xard Meter;

Xard Semafor;

QQE alert (15 period);

Chaos RSIOMA (7, 3,3).


Trading rules New 2FX


GP Laurer line aqua color below the price.

Sun 3 level zz semafor below the price.

SEFC 10 line acqua color below the price.

Bollinger Band stop cross upward Gann high/low.

QQE Crosses upward Chaos Rsioma.



GP Laurer line red color above the price.

Sun 3 level zz semafor above the price.

SEFC 10 line red color above the price.

Bollinger Band stop cross downward Gann high/low.


QQE Crosses downward Chaos Rsioma.

In the pictures New 2FX in action.

New 2FX
New 2FX
New 2FX
New 2FX
New 2FX
New 2FX
New 2FX
New 2FX

Share your opinion.

New 2FX
New 2FX
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