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TDI trading

Trend Momentum Forex Strategy

Submit by Sanchez

Alcon Forex System is a strategy based on the RSI.

Alcon Forex System is a trend momento trading system. the strategy is built with custom indicators.

Time Frame 5 min or higher.

Currency pairs: any.

The black arrows indicate the direction where you are going to do the operation, we should not depend on them since they repaint, it is the least important indicator of the system.

The red line is an ema of support and resistance, when the green and blue lines penetrate it they indicate strength, when this happens we must be ready to put a trade; sometimes we have to anticipate it depends on the practice and study that you put into it. These should be as close together as possible.

third rule: it is the change of candle color, the blue and red candles indicate bullish and bearish strength, the green and yellow ones indicate normal movements without much force.

our entry is when the candle change occurs

a perfect entry would be so:

trades can be 3 or 5 minutes, this system in anypair for example eurusd gives 5.

trades in an hour, i use it in 3 pairs at a time and i'm looking for a 4-0,

enough to operate one hour a day. 

In the pictures examples oftrades.

Alcon Forex System
Alcon Forex System
Alcon Forex System
Alcon Forex System
Alcon Forex System
Alcon Forex System

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