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Point and Figure Chart MQ4 are the indicators that replicate the Point and Figure Chart in a simplified and synthetic way. There are four indicators MQL 4 for tradiing that adapt to different time frames and there is a dashboard that detects currency pair trends. Other copies of currencies can also be added to the dashboard.

Metatrader indicators setting

Poin and figure Dashboard

Time Frame 1;5; 15, 30 60, you can add others.

Currency pairs six default, you can add others.

Point and Figure Chart (1.1 and 1.3)



close, // Close

open, // Open

high, // High

low, // Low

median, // Median

typical, // Typical

weightedClose, // Weighted Close

medianBody, // Median Body (Open+Close)/2

average, // Average (High+Low+Open+Close)/4

trendBiased, // Trend Biased

haClose, // Heiken Ashi Close

haOpen, // Heiken Ashi Open

haHigh, // Heiken Ashi High

haLow, // Heiken Ashi Low

haMedian, // Heiken Ashi Median

haTypical, // Heiken Ashi Typical

haWeighted, // Heiken Ashi Weighted Close

haMedianBody, // Heiken Ashi Median Body

haAverage, // Heiken Ashi Average

haTrendBiased // Heiken Ashi Trend Biased





SMA, // Simple Moving Average

EMA, // Exponential Moving Average

Wilder, // Wilder Exponential Moving Average

LWMA, // Linear Weighted Moving Average

SineWMA, // Sine Weighted Moving Average

TriMA, // Triangular Moving Average

LSMA, // Least Square Moving Average (or EPMA, Linear Regression Line)

SMMA, // Smoothed Moving Average

HMA, // Hull Moving Average by A.Hull

ZeroLagEMA, // Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average

DEMA, // Double Exponential Moving Average by P.Mulloy

T3_basic, // T3 by T.Tillson (original version)

ITrend, // Instantaneous Trendline by J.Ehlers

Median, // Moving Median

GeoMean, // Geometric Mean

REMA, // Regularized EMA by C.Satchwell

ILRS, // Integral of Linear Regression Slope

IE_2, // Combination of LSMA and ILRS

TriMAgen, // Triangular Moving Average generalized by J.Ehlers

VWMA, // Volume Weighted Moving Average

JSmooth, // M.Jurik's Smoothing

SMA_eq, // Simplified SMA

ALMA, // Arnaud Legoux Moving Average

TEMA, // Triple Exponential Moving Average by P.Mulloy

T3, // T3 by T.Tillson (correct version)

Laguerre, // Laguerre filter by J.Ehlers

MD, // McGinley Dynamic

BF2P, // Two-pole modified Butterworth filter by J.Ehlers

BF3P, // Three-pole modified Butterworth filter by J.Ehlers

SuperSmu, // SuperSmoother by J.Ehlers

Decycler, // Simple Decycler by J.Ehlers

eVWMA, // Modified eVWMA

EWMA, // Exponential Weighted Moving Average

DsEMA, // Double Smoothed EMA

TsEMA // Triple Smoothed EMA


Trading rules Point and Figure Chart MQ4

The PNF indicators must agree. It is advisable to choose the currencies in the dashboard with the highest trend value.

This type of chart is suitable for trend following filter of others indicators.


Green area on the chart

Green bar Point and Figure Chart 1.3.



Red area on the chart


Red bar Point and Figure Chart 1.3.

In the pictures Point and Figure Chart MQ4 in action.

Point and Figure Chart MQ4
Point and Figure Chart MQ4
Point and Figure Chart MQ4
Point and Figure Chart MQ4
Point and Figure Chart MQ4
Point and Figure Chart MQ4

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Point and Figure Chart MQ4
Point and Figure Chart MQ4
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