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Protofilter Forex Strategies

Skeleton template for to build and to trading

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Protofilter Forex Strategy is based on Protofilter indicator and for example on slow half trend. Protofilter indicator mq4 i is an ambitious but simple idea that is to try and modify a filter to make it suitable for trading and build a skeleton and in the same time an template that can be adapted for other templates and for each time frame playing only on the configuration of the basic indicator. The idea stems from the fact that sometimes there are interesting strategies but they lack a filter. 

Protofilter mq4 indicator is very flexible and can be adapted to many types of trading from scalping to swing trading whether they are trend or trend momentum.So you can modify existing strategies and build new ones.

For example you may want to build a day trading strategy with existing arrow and add pivot levels. Support and resistance levels can be added with superdem. In short, you can wander with the imagination.



In the example below I modified a commercial strategy (Scalper X2 period 13) scalping with Protofilter (period 10).

Protofilter indicator mq4
Protofilter indicator mq4

Indicators for build the skeleton template

Protofilter (8)

Half Trend amplitude 4

Someone has said that this is a commercial strategy that is being sold now (Half Trend amplitutde 4). I enjoyed adding Protofilter mq4 indicator .

This skeleton is suitable for the following 15-30-60 time frames. min.

Couples major and minor currencies. Indexes: S&P 500, DAX and Dow.


Trading Rules Protofilter Skeleton


Half trend buy arrow

Protofilter green bar.



Half trend sell arrow

Protofilter red bar.


As this is a basic skeleton model, the exit rules allow the user or the eventual strategy to modify with Protofilter indicator to change.


In the pictures protofilter indicator mq4 in action.

Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4
Protofilter Indicator mq4

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    Admin (Friday, 19 April 2019 21:54)

    You are naive to pretend to be, therefore, you are a troll, however I answer you for clarity. Most of the forex products that are for sale I refer to indicators and consequently to systems derive from open source indicators in particular made more pleasing by graphic effects. For example, well selling opensource indicators are the stochastic oscillator, the supertrend, stepma, ATR, TMA and others. In fact, many sites continue to share because they know that if you go to the judgment under the indicator, the source opem source code comes out.

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    Fred (Friday, 19 April 2019 21:42)

    This is a few sites that do not share commercial products.

Protofilter indicator mq4
Protofilter indicator mq4
The Scalper X2 indicator is not shared because it has the copyright.
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