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153# Trend Cycle Scalping System

Forex Cycle Strategy



Submit by Joker 12/12/2012


Timeframe: 5, 15 Minutes

Currency Pairs: majors



Scaff Trend Cycle nrp 1

MACD Default

Parabolic Sar 0.2 0.02
Pairs: Any pair will do however Cable (GBPUDS, GBPJPY) is my favorite for Scalping

Go Long :
Schaff Trend Cycle has been rising
2. Schaff Trend >= 25
MACD is in uptrend
4. Parabolic is in 

Go Short :
1. Schaff Trend Cycle has been declining
2. Schaff Trend <= 75
3. MACD is in 
4. Parabolic is in 

Exit When:

MACD<0; MACD<0 for Sell.

Profit Target 8-12 pips

Stop Loss Previous Swing


In the picture Trend Cycle Scalping System

Schaff Scalping
Schaff Scalping system
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Forex indicator Schaff Trend Cycle nrp
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