216# Miko Parabolic System

Parabolic Sar with ichimoku and QQE Forex System

Submit by Leon Written by Miko trader) 22/05/2012


Time Frame 15min or higher

Currency pairs:any.

Long Entry

  1. QQE alert> dot green parabolic;

  2. Ichimoku is green

  3. Solar Wind is green and green line of the QQEA 

    is >red line.


Short Entry

  1. QQE alert< dot red parabolic;

  2. Ichimoku is red

  3. Solar Wind is red and red line of the QQEA 

    is >green line.

Exit position

When appears QQE alert opposite;

on the levels fibonacci pivot;

Predetermined Profit Target;

Stop Loss on the previous swing.

Forex Parabolic System


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