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Intraday Forex Strategy

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Inspiration:SFX Tor

What 's SFX Tor (source: from mql4 SFX Tor).


“ Earlier and clearer signals than ADX or VHF. More positive ranging signal than any other indicators.

Old conventional theory says when StdDev above ATR then market trending. 

I say this idea may be OK for stocks & commodites but for the harmonics of Forex market we need something quicker and clearer. Also never forget time of day in relation to the pairs main movements. (BarrowBoy on mql4)”


Yellow = StdDev
Aqua = ATR 
Red = Smoothed Moving Average of the StdDev


Any pair, any time frame. Best used on majors and M15 period or higher

  • Yellow breaks above Red when below Aqua = Trend building

  • Yellow breaks below Red when above Aqua = Trend exhausting

  • Yellow below Red when below Aqua = Ranging/Sideways market


The System Delta Trend Scalping is a Intraday Forex Strategy


Time Frame 5 min, 15 min .

Any pair.

Metatrader Indicators:

SFXTor indicator;

deltaTrend indicator;

deltatrend1 indicator.



Yellow breaks above Red when below Aqua = Trend building

Detatrend1 green

Arrowa blue



Yellow breaks above Red when below Aqua = Trend building

Detatrend1 green

Arrowa blue


Exit position

Exit at opposite arrow of Deltatrend or when yellow line of the SFX Tor, crosses downward red line.

Stop loss 15-20 pips depends by currency pairs.

Profit target pivot levels.




In the pictures below Delta Trend Scalping in action.

Delta Trend Scalping
Delta Trend Scalping
Delta Ttrend
Delta Ttrend


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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Delta Trend Scalping
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