226 # Slope Scalping System

Trading with Slope line

Big Trend (Hull)

Submit by joy22 05/07/2012


Time Frame 1min, 5min

Currency pairs: majors.



Big Trend (HULL 240 method 3)

Big Trend (HULL 120 method 3)

Slope line 70

Slope line 50

i-paramon Work time

Cam H2-H5 Historical

Cam L2-L5 Historical

TSR Daily Range

Bar Trend

Trade only in the direction of the Mega Trend.


Long Entry

When Megatrend (240, 120) ligth pink and slope 50, 70, acqua, they are in the samedirection.


Short Entry

When Megatrend (240, 120) ligth pink and slope 50, 70,acqua, they  are in the samedirection.


Exit Position options:

  1. at the first change of direction of the slope or Megatrend,

  2. at the levels Cam.

  3. Predetermined Profit Target (5- 12 pips)

Stop loss 15-20 pips depends by time frame ad currency pairs.


In the picture Slope Scalping System in action.


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