228# Range Factor Scalping 15 min

Forex DM Range Factor Scalping

Submit by Maximo Trader 01/08/2012


Time Frame 15 min

Currency pair:major.



bollinger bands(20 ,2)

signal line 13 an 21;


DM range Factor;

Bar Trend.



Trade only in direction of the trend, to determine the direction of the trend to use ZDN.

Long Entry:

When the prices goes at the Bottom or out of the lower bands, wait uptrend signal line aqua,at_Zdn aqua,rangefactor sloping up.


Short Entry:

When the prices goes at the Top or out of the higher bands, wait downtrend signal line red,at_Zdn red,range factor sloping up.




 Exit Position

When Signal line change color;

At the level of the pivots;

Profit Target predetermined, or ratio 1:2 stop loss;

(Profit Target Predetermined: EUR/USD 15 pips; AUD/USD 12 pips; GBP/USD 18pips.)

Stop loss on the previous swing.


In the picture Range Factor Scalping 15 min in action.

Range Factor Scalping trading system
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