161# Z-Winner Trading System

A CCI Indicator Trading Method


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Time Frame: 15 Minutes and 1 Hr whichever you prefer

Instrument : All Major Pairs

Trading Time : US Session 7:00 to 17:00 Eastern Time

Indicators: CCI 14 Period, Delete +100 and -100 Horizontal lines and add +50 Horizontal line instead.

Moving Averages : 3SMA and 9SMA




Here is an example chart showing how the Z-WINNER System is traded.

As I mentioned earlier, its a very simple and easy system to trade, we look for the CCI to crossthe +50 line

(marked in red) either from above or below.

In the following example chart, the CCI crossed the +50 line from below ( Blue Arrow) giving us a Buy

Signal and as soon as the next candle opened, we went long at 1.4926.

We also got entry confirmation by the 2 SMA crossovers a little earlier.

Before we start our trading in the morning, we must make a note of the time of News Releases.


Always place your Stop Loss 2 pips above the most recent Swing High if you are Short and if you are Long then place your Stop 2 pips below the most recent Swing Low.

It is very rare that you would get stopped out but it is wise to place your stops for reasons beyond your control such as Power Failure or Computer Crash, an Earthquake, Bomb Blast, or Sudden Change in the Market.

Once you are in the Market and the trade is going nicely in your favour, stay in the trade until you see the Exit Signal marked with a red circle on the chart below or just before the end of the US Session at 17:00 Eastern Time.

We get our Exit signal when we see the CCI crossing the +50 line from the opposite side. Please see the chart

below. We got in the market at 09:15 ET and we exit at 15:30 ET at 1.5026, making 98 pips Net Profit.

See Manual...



In the picture Z Winner trading system in action.


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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Z-Winner Trading System
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