157# Rubicon Strategy

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It's rather simple, if you take the time out to watch your charts on shorter time frames, you will see multiple set ups come together and take place right before your very eyes.

  1. When all the conditions have been met for a trade, a green signal line will be placed on your chart. 

  2. If the green line is plotted above current price, it is going to be abuy trade, plotted below current price, sell trade.  

  3. Most of the time, I enter these trades with stop orders placed at the green signallines, so I don't have to continuously watch my screens.


4. A yellow arrow is plotted on the active bar at the precise moment when price breaks through the green signal line. The arrow is signifying that a trade set up has been initiated, and it is pointing out the exact price bar which broke through the green signal line.

5. Once the green signal line is broken, the indicator automatically plots SL and TP price points on the indicator. If you entered a trade as per the suggestions from the indicator, you would simply adjust your SL and TPs to reflect what is posted on your chart.

 6.  As per orange arrows, please read my two posts prior to this reply.

This is not a difficult program to use, practice it on a demo account before you go live.




In the picture Rubicon trading system in action.

Rubicon with Raush Trend

Time frame 15 and 30 min.

Currency pairs with low spreads.



Rubicon indicator arrow buy filtered by Raush trend green or dark green bar.



Rubicon indicator arrow sell filtered by Raush trend orange or red bar.


This rubicon indicator is a great indicator.

This strategy have a good profitability.



3 pips before the predetermined target.


Initial stop loss 18- 25 pips.

Rubicon indicator with Raush Trend
Rubicon indicator with Raush Trend
Rubicon indicator with Raush Trend
Rubicon indicator with Raush Trend

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    Patroy (Friday, 02 August 2013 10:51)

    HI, Where is it possible to download the indicator please, best regards.

  • #2

    cam (Sunday, 29 December 2013 12:04)

    can i have this system too?

  • #3

    Tony (Wednesday, 24 September 2014 16:02)

    Where to download from???? Please provide link. Thanks.

  • #4

    kelller (Tuesday, 07 April 2015 23:28)

    Where is indicator?

  • #5

    va (Tuesday, 01 March 2022 08:46)

    Is it possible to make it work with us30cash?

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