229# Scalping Forex Signal

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Enter only in the direction of the trend, to

maximize your win rate and profits. Do not enter if the

direction of the trend is opposite to the signal. Also, DO NOT

TRADE IN RANGING MARKETS. If you see that the trend

is weak and does not have a strong momentum, do not enter

the trade.. wait for a stronger trend to ride. Make sure the

trend is strong and in the signal direction before entering the

trade. If you don’t follow the rule above – there is no

guarantee that you will make profit!

Where to put Stop Loss

Stop Loss is calculated automatically using our secret

algorithms, and is displayed in the signal alert. When a signal

is generated you will receive an alert with the direction of the

signal and the location of the stop loss.

Where to Exit

Our exit mechanism is very simple: exit when the indicator

issues the opposite signal. Once the indicator generates the

opposite signals and gives you an alert, exit the trade.


This exit mechanism ensures that you exit at the optimal point

with most profits.

What are The Best Timeframes and Pairs

The best timeframes of the Super indicator are:

15-minute30-minute, 1-hour.

The best pairs for the Super Indicator are:



In the picture Scalping Forex Signal in action.


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    Mihai (Saturday, 03 June 2017 19:55)

    Don't work.

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    AlexDXB (Monday, 19 December 2016 19:18)

    There's an error in the code; cannot be compiled. It would be good if someone can look at it.

Watr indicator is the same indicator on the chart
Watr indicator is the same indicator on the chart, update 06/2017
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