244# JJN Scalper with Non Lag MA

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Time Frame 5 min or higher

Currency pairs: majors:



JJN Scalper

Non lag ma 7 (4 pct filter 0.5)

The signal JJN Scalper is confirmed:

if buy Non lag ma is green and іf thе price crosses thе entry level;

if sell Non lag ma is red and іf thе price crosses thе entry level;


Exit position:

Stop loss and target profit are indicated by JJN indicator

JJN Bee Scalper (update)


Scalper system. It shows the entry, takeprofit and stoploss levels. Use it on M5 or above.
TakeProfit and StopLoss come from ATR (you can change the period of the ATR).
IMPORTANT! >> There are 2 basic rules:
1. Entering only if the price crosses the entry level (i.e. for example if BUY appears, wait until the price is crosses the entry level upward)
2. Recognize the trend and sell only in overall downtrend, buy only in overall uptrend
Test it on demo for the first time.
Use PosX and PosY to place the indicator to the desired location.
Methodology differs from JJN-Bee.


Forex Indicators:
GG-river flow,
GGTrend Bar,
Indi- GG 01,
Indi-standard deviation AVG,
Support and resistance.
JJN Bee Scalper (Template and Indicators
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JJN bee Scalper
JJN bee Scalper


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JJN Non Lag Ma forex signal
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