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190# Forex day trading system

Pullback Forex Strategy

Submit by Nico (Written by Domino


Time Frame 15min, 30min H1.

Currency pairs:Any.


(EMA) exponential moving average (14),

(EMA) exponential moving average (42),

RSI (21)

William’s %R ( 7) 


If MAE 14 > MAE 42 then the Big Trend is Up. That means, you

must wait a Long signal.

If MAE 14 < MAE 42 then the Big Trend is Down. That means,

you must wait a Short signal.


I use RSI because it’s a forex indicator that follow the Big Trend

with more accuracy. It doesn’t give many false signals when

prices do a little pullback. It’s an advantage . I use RSI only to find little pullbacks, but sometimes

it can help me to go out of my day trades.

I use it like a pre-signal, we’ll see that later. 


William’s %R is the King of forex indicators. I use it to

find the turn point of pullback.William’s %R shows me when the end of a pullback is near. When 0 C William’s %R < 15 , that means our little pullback is near dead


Forex day trading system
Forex day trading system.pdf
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RSI showed us the market was Up even if prices did some little

pullbacks. And William’s %R showed us the end of the little

down trend


Long Pre-signal when RSI > 50 before MAE 14 cross up MAE 42.

Short Pre-signal when RSI < 50 before MAE 14 cross down MAE 42.

For a long signal, it’s better if the down candlestick close under

MAE 14.

For a short signal, it’s better if the up candlestick close above

MAE 14.


Stop loss with Parabolic Sar:stop loss under the SAR dot for a long signal or above it for a short signal.We put this stop when prices cross:

the “High” for a Long trade the “Low” when we have a short trade.

For more read pdf.



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