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This is a free interpretation of the RSI Lido Trading Method.

Time Frame 15 or higher

Currency pairs:any.


Metatrader Indicators:


RSI Lido (5) with Ma smoothed (4 period).

Simple rules for RSI Lido Forex System



Arrow Buy (green color)>line yellow and pink;

line Yellow>line pink

RSI Lido indicator > 35.



Arrow Sell (red color)<line yellow and pink;

Line yellow<pinkline

RSI Lido indicator < 65


Note if the Arrow buy or sell is between yellow and pink line do not trade.



Exit Strategy

At the level of the Fibonacci pivots.

When appears the star on the bar.

Profit Target predetermined, depends by time frame and currency, or ratio 1:1.5 stop loss.

Stop loss on the previous swing.


RSI Lido


In the pictures RSI LiDo Trading Systemin action.

RSI Lido
RSI Lido
RSI Lido
RSI Lido


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