270# RSX Forex Scalping

RSX CFB Adaptive with DPI Trading System

RSX CfB adaptive

Submit by Maximo Trader 20/12/2012

RSX Scalping is a trading system based on RSX and DPI indicator with Two Moving averages.


Time Frame 15 min;

Currency pairs;any


Metarader Indicator:

DPI indicator;

exponential moving averages (EMA 34, EMA 89,);

RSX CfB adaptive,  indicator;

Optional for exit add.allpivot. indicator.

Draw two orizzontal lines at 14 and -14 in RSX. This area represent flat zone.


Define the trend:

trend is up qhe EMA 34>EMA 89 and DPI > of the ema's.

TheTrend is flatsi DPIis into ara EMA 34 and EMA 89


at close of the first bar with DPI > Ema 34 and >EMA89 with RSXaqua but is not in flat area.


at close of the firs bar with DPI < Ema 34 and <EMA89 with RSX red but is not in flat area.


Exit position:

when RSX changes colour,

exit on the levels all pivots.

Stop loss 3 pips above 34 EMA for sell. below 34 EMA for buy.

This is a scalping strategy preffered to use fast profit target, that depends by currency pairs.


In the pictures RSX Forex Scalpingin action.

RSX Scalping System

RSX Scalping
RSX Scalping
RSX Scalping
RSX Scalping
RSX Scalping
RSX Scalping


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RSX Scalping
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