221# Fx Lord Forex Trading System

Gold Miner and Trend Lord

Submit by Janus Trader 11/06/2012


Time Frame 15 min ;

Currency pairs;any;



Hama 2

Gold Miner 2

Trend Lord

Digital MACD modified with two Wma (2,;6)

Fibonacci pivots

Long Entry

Gold Miner Deep Sky;

Trend Lord Deep Sky;

Wma (2) of digital MACD Cross up Wma (6 ) of digital MACD



Short Entry

Gold Miner red

Trend Lord salmon;

Wma (2) of digital MACD Cross down Wma (6 ) of digital MACD.

Exit position

When Hama change color;

At the level of the Fibonacci pivot;

Profit Targetpredetermined, or ratio 1:2 stop loss;

Stop loss on the previous swing or 3 pips above or below hama.


In the picture Fx Lord Forex Trading System in action.


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