469# EWB’s Complete Trading System

CTS5 and CTS60 Trading System


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The CTS has 2 main styles of trading…


  1. 1H Trend Trading

  2. 5M Day Trading & Scalping


There are 2 complete sets of videos for these methods and for each one there are 2 sets of indicators and templates.




The first set of indicators and templates are the CTS final version which is able to be duplicated exactly in almost every charting package available today. The second version employs the custom indicators I was using before I realized this would not work out for everyone. Both versions work exactly the same and the trading results are also equal. There are minor changes in the indicators used but the trading rules are the unchanged.




The difference you will notice in using the standard indicators in the CTS final version vs. the custom indicators is MT4 will lag quite a bit and your CPU usage will be at least 50% or more depending on how many charts you have open. I strongly suggest using the CTS final version unless you are trading only 1 pair and have multiple instances of MT4 running…being 1 for charting and 1 for trading.




In the pictures below EWB’s Complete Trading System in action.




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EWB’s Complete Trading System
EWB’s Complete Trading System: Indicators and Template
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