Waddah Attar Hidden Level

Dynamic Indicator of the Support and Resistance


Submit by Solaris 06/04/2014


Waddah Attar Hidden Level is an dynamic indicator of support of resistance.

This indicator is for intraday trading.

Best Time Frame 15 minn, 30 min, 60 min.


Futures: S&P 500.


How works Waddah Attar Hidden Level?

It draw on the chart the lines of support and resistance.

we can trade with method breakout open position (in direction of the trend how indicate by Sideways indicator):

buy at the broken the red line (to insert an pendig buy order),

sell at the broken the green line (to insert an pendig sell order).

Target profit in next dots line or 15 pips or 3 points.

Stop loss at the previous swing.



Waddah Attar Hidden Level is an good indicator for trade contrarian at the h1 time frame.

Metatatrader indicators:

Waddah Attar Hidden Level,

Fx Trend,


Wait for the price broken the upper level or lower level.

Buy when the FX trend line is red.

Sell when the FX trend indicator is aqua.

Profit Target 12-15 pips.

Initial stop loss above or below the blue dot line.


In the pictures Waddah Attar hidden level in action.

Waddah Attar hidden
Waddah Attar hidden
  Waddah Attar hidden level Contrarian trading
Waddah Attar hidden level Contrarian trading
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Waddah Attar Hidden level contrarian strategy
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