586# Master Trend Trading System

LR Channel with Market Emotions indicator


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Master Trend Trading System is a trend following strategy.

The first step for all trend following trading systems is the find the currency pairs in trend. For this purpose you can use many tools: trend lines. moving averages, currency meter indicators, strength meter indicators, earth map currency and other.

Step 2 apply the template Master Trend at the currency pairs that us we have finding.


Time Frame 4H or h1 ( trend confirmed also H4)

Currency pairs: any but Master Trend is also good for Stocks and Indicies.

Metatrader Indicators:

LR Channel (38, 5);

LR Channel ( fast);

Vertical move,

support and resistance indicator,

Alf winner (10, 5),


XPS V. 8 trend indicator,

Market emotions indicator.


Rules Master Trend Trading System (Template Step 3 description).


Long entry

LR Channel up trend,

Alfa Winner green bar

FPS green bar,

XPS trend indicator green bar,

Market emotions green bar.


Short entry

LR Channel down trend,

Alfa Winner red bar

FPS red bar,

XPS trend indicator red bar,

Market emotions red bar.


Exit position

When Alf winner changes colour.

You can use an expert advisor for manage position.

Initial Stop loss on the previous swing.

The advantage of Master Trend Trading System that is very simple and effective.

Happy trading!!

What is the secret?

For all trend following Trading Systems the is basically choose the best currency pairs in trend. This is the first work that you must know make.



In the pictures Master Trend Trading System.

 Master Trend Trading System. (down Trend)
Master Trend Trading System. (down Trend)
Master Trend Trading System. (up trend)
Master Trend Trading System. (up trend)

Master trend

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