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Dolly Strategy


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Dolly breakout trading system (the famous sheep) |original indicator is called valasholic13 v2.5.mq4

and the original author is valasholic mods and stuff by Linuxser for Forex-TSD (there is a lot of usefull code inside here)|

The code of this version of Dolly breakout has been modified from joy22 to be used in the latest version of MetaTrader 4.



Dolly Breakout is an intraday trading system.

Time Frame 15 min, 30 min, 60min.


To buy and sell follow the instructions on the display.


In this breakout strategy we have two areas:

Buy area with two buy levels.

Sell area with two sell levels.


We have also the upper and lower correction area for entry in direction of the trend on the retracement.

Example, if the trend is up, we entry buy on the lower correction area, if the trend is down we entry sell on the upper correction area.


On the video there are indicates the levels of the support/resistance and the pivot levels.

Dolly Breakout trading system
Dolly Breakout trading system

levels trading with pivots

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Dolly Breakout Strategy
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