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Dolly Graphics v14 Dolly 13

Dolly Graphics 13-dolly14 This indicator has had a total rebuild
and now works with the new extra digit platforms. Some examples
of the built in color displays are shown on the above screenshot.
Dolly now also has Murrey Math 3 MA displays and Bands plus trading signals
and many more features built into the code. Most important is the user
needs to check the Allow DLL imports tab and put a Password into the
Dolly inputs before it will work.
Dolly Password = FREE_at_tsd



In the folder there are these MT4 indicators.
MACD Candles v4

MACD Candles v4This indicator has had a few revisions of the 
code and the MTF display can be altered for size and shifted anywhere on the chart.
The most important update is to the candle color code, in this indicator there is
no need to go into the inputs to alter the candle color width as with most
colored candle indicators, with the latest update the candle size now updates
on the first new tick or you can click on refresh, this version also has an option
to use a fixed manual candle size if required as sometimes when many charts
are displayed in a single window it is possible for the automatic candle size to be
unable to compenstate for the candle size accurately.
Price Display Price Display This indicator has several display features the user can select 2
different types of moving Price displays in the form of a Price Box or a simple
Price label and a static Price Display all of which can be altered for size.
The Price color code has been updated to the latest type of code giving a
faster response to Price changes.
Multi Range Calculator Multi Range Calculator This indicator now has an on chart display of the
LONG and SHORT SL levels and plots the timeframe Average range at 50%
above and below the Open to give an indication of the expected price range for
the selected timeframe. The screenshots shows the Daily Average SL levels
however on the chart which displays the 3 Multi Range Calculator indicators
Daily / H4 / H1 timeframes all of the SL's for each timeframe or any combination
of the 3 timeframes could be dispalyed on the chart at the same time.



VisualTrend HMA

VisualTrend HMA This indicator can be set to show Standard Candles or 
Heiken Ashi Candles ( NOTE: The standard Heiken ashi indicator must be
in your MT4 indicator folder for this indicator to work ) and shows a visual
Multi Timeframe display of the position of the current candles for each
Timeframe and makes determining the Trend and current Price direction easier.
The VisualTrend indicator now has extra display features such as Candle high/Low
data and Time frame labels to easliy identify each candle plus a new selection
of color inputs for better user control of the display.
Session_HiLo_v4 Session_HiLo_v4 This indicator shows a visual display of the various Trading Sessions
with options to display the session price range in pips and best trading zones for each
individual session. With the version 4 update traders can now set the session times
starting before Midnight and across into the next day. All the session zones can be
altered to suit your broker GMT offset and the line colors styles and labels can all
be altered to suit your own trading style.
Drag & Drop remove TP & SL script Drag & Drop remove TP & SL script : Drag this script onto any order Open price
on a chart and it will delete the Stoploss and Takeprofit levels for that order.
Drag & Drop TP & SL script Drag & Drop TP & SL script : Drag this script onto any order Open price on
a chart and it will add the Stoploss and Takeprofit levels for that order.
Drag & Drop Pending Straddle Drag & Drop Pending Straddle script : Drag this script onto the Bid Price
on a chart and it will place two orders in a straddle either side of the Bid and
if selected it will also place the Stoploss and Takeprofit levels for that order.
DropLabel DropLabel script : Drag this script onto any point on a chart and it will place a label.
The trader also has the option to use automatic random colors for the text or can
select their own colors
Dolly Graphic 14
Dolly Graphic 14

Dolly Graphic Trading

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Dolly Graphic 14
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