565# Auto Fib Trade Zone

The Auto Fib Trade Zones and Triangle Breakout



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Autofib Trade Zone reversal trading system.The red sell zone and the blue buy zone.

Time Frame 15 mim, 30 min, 60mi, 240 min.




Metatrader free Indicators

Auto Fib Trade Zone, (the red zone is overbought territory so caution is advised,

when trading long, The blue zone is oversold territory so caution is advised when trading short. )

B-Clock silver,

Bid Ask indicator;

Congestion Breakout;

I-Trend Indicator;

Signal Entry stop;

Signal Hot Dots,

Super Trend indicator;

Trend Bars,

Trend Slope;

Trend Wave;

Triangle Breakout.


Rules for Auto Fib Trade Zone


Trading when in a red zone means that you want to sell at the top.

Trading in a blue zone means that you want to buy at the bottom.




the price is in Red Zone wait for:

Trend Slope aqua color;

Signal Hot Dot green arrow;

I-Trend Green line>Red line.

For Buy wait for breakout of the resistance of the triangle.




the price is in Blue Zone wait for:

Trend Slope red color;

Signal Hot Dot red arrow;


I-Trend Green line>Red line.

For Buy wait for breakout of the support of the triangle.


Exit Position

Make profit at the fibo levels.

Initial Stop loss (for buy: 5 pips below the bottom of the blue zone; for sell: 5 pips above the top of the red zone.

You can also use signal entry stop it'is in the folder of the indicators. The Signal_Entry_Stop is a trailing stop indicator based on volatility. It is the same as a Chandelier trailing stop. When the volatility is high, the trailing stop is wide. When the volatility slows down, the trailing stop is tightened, so as to lock in more pips. When you see the trailing stop flatten out, it means the volatility is very low. If you manually move your stop at each new small dot, you will be trailing the price according to the degree of volatility. During a retracement it's possible for you to get stopped out naturally but you will have locked in a profit. If the trend resumes, you can jump back in.

Auto Fib Trade Zone
Auto Fib Trade Zone

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    yuksel (Saturday, 17 May 2014 23:41)

    merci becoup l ami il sera difficile de faire mieux !!!

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    hassan shahzad (Friday, 15 July 2016 15:30)

    looking awesome because of the two indicators which are below the chart...Going to try it..thanks for the share..i am hoping that this will help me lot...

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