552# Fx Billions Trading System

FX Billions


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Fx Billions Trading System is based on the Fx Billion expert advisor but this EA does not trade on the platform, but it only gives signals to buy and then have your case in order to invest or not. In essence, the strategy indicates the direction of movement of the price.


Best Time Frame H1.

Markets: Forex (majors), Metals (Gold and Silver).


Metatrader Indicators:

b-clock to modified version;

Donchian Channel periods 21;

EMA Crossover (fast ema 4, slow ema 59,


QQE ADV (8; 3).


EA: Fx Billions:


Rules for Fx Billions Trading System

trade in direction that indicates FX Billion EA



FX Billions EA trend: Buy;

EMA Crossover buy arrow;

QQE ADV crosses upward.



FX Billions EA trend: Sell;

EMA Crossover sell arrow;

QQE ADV crosses downward.


Exit position

At the opposite arrow of the EMA crossover signal indicator.

Profit Target Prredetermined.

Initial stop loss on the previous swing after 12 pips in gain move stop loss at the entry point.

FX Billions Trading (Template and metatrader indicators)

FX Billion Trading System
FX Billion Trading System

FX Bilion trend trading

Fx Billions Trading System
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