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Matrix-Signals is a signal/alert generating indicator for use with the ‘Genesis Matrix Trading System’. It generates alerts when 3 or 4 lines of the matrix line up. 3 lines generates an ‘analyze signal’ and 4 lines generate an ‘enter signal’.



Monitor up to 20 symbols of your choice. The voice alerts may not work correctly for

non-forex symbols.

Alert when 3 or 4 indicators line up.

Audio (voice/bell) and visual alert signals.

Popup on alert signal.


Indicator Parameters

TimeFrame Settings

TimeFrame Period=0 Timeframe: 0,1,5,15,30,60,240,1440 etc. Current Timeframe=0.

Symbol Settings

Symbol List=EURUSD,EURJPY Comma separated list of symbols to monitor, without the brokers

prefix and suffix.

Symbol Suffix= Broker symbol suffix. Ex m for EURUSDm.

Symbol Prefix= Broker symbol prefix. Ex fx_ for fx_EURUSD.

TVI Settings

TVI r=12 TVI r Period.

TVI s=12 TVI s Period.

TVI u=5 TVI u Period.

CCI Settings

CCI Period=20 CCI Period.

GannHiLo Settings

GannHiLo Period=10 Gann High/Low Period.

T3MA Settings

T3MA Period=8 T3MA Period.

T3MA b=0.618 Volume factor.



This indicator requires that the following indicators are installed and working:

\MQL4\Indicators\TVI.mq4, \MQL4\Indicators\GannHiLo-Histo.mq4,

\MQL4\Indicators\T3MA-Basic.mq4, \MQL4\Libraries\MatrixBridge.dll

\MQL4\Files\MatrixSignals.exe \MQL4\Files\MatrixAlert.wav

It requires that the ‘Allow dll imports’ checkbox is set.

Only one instance can be run in each instance of MT4 running. Ie one can only use it on

one chart.


Check the 'Journal' and 'Expert' tabs in the terminal window for errors messages.


For more to see pdf

Genesi Matrix signal alert
Genesi Matrix signal alert

Genesis Matrix signal alert trading

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Genesi Matrix Signal
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