564# Guppy Trader Trading System

Stoch trend


Submit by Mike trader 24/04/2014


Guppy Trader Trading System is an trend momentum strategy based on Moving Average, Stochastic and RSI.


Time Frame 30 min , 60 min, 240 min,

Currency pairs any

Metatrader indicators:

Guppy Trader

stoch trend setting :

Time Frame 30 min set stoch trend 30-60

Time Frame 60 min set stoch trend 60-240

Time Frame 240 min set stoch trend 240-1440.

Fast Trend.


Rules for Guppy Trader Trading System



Guppy Trader color blue.

Three or four bars of the indicators in the subwindow blue.



Guppy Trader color red.

Three or four bars of the indicators in the subwindow red.


Exit position is discretionary.


This system work very good in trend following and in the sideways market filters false trend.


In the picture Guppy Trader in action.

 Guppy Trader
Guppy Trader

Guppy trader with EMA

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    Damond (Wednesday, 28 March 2018 21:42)

    I love this strategy! It's very accurate. I also want to contact Mike Trader because I use Thinkorswim and I want to get this strategy for trading futures.

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    Alvin (Thursday, 20 July 2017 11:10)

    U did not include the GUPPY MOVING AVERAGE in the file.
    ! Pls amend.!

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    Samuel Audu (Saturday, 22 August 2015 08:16)

    Hello and good morning from Nigeria. I am very happy about the above indicator which is the guppy trader indicator as i like how it changes color when there is a trend change. combining it with TDI is much more convenient for me . Please can i have a link to the person Mike trader who created it?
    Thank you and blessings.

Guppy Trader
Guppy trader (indicators and Template Metatrader 4)
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