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Trading with Overbought and Oversold Zone


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This version of Stix indicator has been adapted for the forex by joy22.

Stix indicator no repaint.

STIX indicator is a short-term trading oscillator that was published in The Polymetric Report. It compares the amount of volume flowing into advancing and declining stocks.



According to The Polymetric Report:

STIX indicator usually ranges between +30 and +70.

If STIX indicator gets as low as 30, the market is almost always a buy, except in a raging bear market.

The market is fairly overbought if STIX rises to 70; and except in a new bull market, it's wise to sell if STIX should go over 70.

Traders and investors should modify these rough rules to suit their own objectives.

In normal markets, STIX rarely gets as high as 70 or as low as 30, so rigid use of these rules of thumb would keep you inactive most of the time. For active accounts, the rules might be made much less stringent.


Table :Overbought and Oversold

Extremely Overbought greater than 70

Fairly Overbought greater than 60

Fairly Oversold less than 30

Extremely Oversold less than 40



STIX is based on a variation of the Advance/Decline Ratio:

The STIX is a 21-period (i.e., 9%) exponential moving average of the above A/D Ratio.


I have proposed two styles of trading with Stix indicator:

  1. Overbought and Oversold; 30-40=Sell 60-30=Buy

  2. Extreme Overbought and Oversold; =<70 Sell =>30Buy

In the pictures below Stix indicator in action.

Stix indicator
Stix indicator
Stix Indicator
Stix Indicator

Reversal Treend-trading

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    hassan shahzad (Monday, 30 May 2016 20:16)

    just downloaded the system, i always admire non repaint indicators, after reading Brent comment , im hopeful we all will make fortune from this tool, God bless you admin...

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    jordy (Tuesday, 20 May 2014 22:50)

    Brent can you tell us what are thr settings/rules you use with this indicator ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Clev (Friday, 14 March 2014 21:40)

    The indicator is not running on my M4 platform. What do i do please?

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    Brent (Wednesday, 26 February 2014 03:49)

    Am I the only one that has made a fortune from this indicator?!?! Thank you to who ever created this website! Your awesome!

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    Admin (Sunday, 11 August 2013 16:32)

    thanks to joy22 always generous!!!

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Stix Indicator and template.
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