503# Bufu Trend Trading System

Bufu Trend with Trend Channel


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Time frame: 30 min or higher.

Currency pair:any.


Bufu Trend Trading System is mainly a trend following system designed for trading forex market. It's based in Bufu trend signals, trend channel (i-regression curve) stochastics candles.


Metatrader indcators:

Stoch Candles ( Based on stochastic indicator);

Bufu trend signals (buy: blue bars, flat: yellow bars, sell: red bars);

Support and resistance indicator:the indicator shows the most powerful support and resistance LEVELS. Blue dots = support/resistance, Red dots = powerful supports and resistance levels.We’re going to use this indicator for stops and targets.

Trend Channel indicator: is simply a visual trend identifier ( yellow line ). It

provides visual confirmation for the rest of indicators used to identify the major


It doesn’t provide buy/sell signals but it provides overbought and oversold areas –

between red lines.

Red lines above yellow line = Overbought = Possible Reversal

Red lines below yellow line = Oversold = Possible Reversal



Wave Arrows

This indicator is based on fractals. And it provides visual entry and exit

suggestions in the form of Red and Blue arrows.

Red Arrow = Sell Signal = Close Buy

Blue Arrow = Buy Signal = Close Sell


Rules for Bufu Trend Trading System

Buy Signal

1- Blue stoch Candles;

2- Bufu trend signals = Blue Bars;

3- Trend Channel = Up Trend;

4- Blue Arrow = Entry Signal.


Sell Signal

1- Red stoch Candles;

2- Bufu trend signals = Red Bars;

3- Trend Channel = Down Trend;

4- Red Arrow = Entry Signal.

Stops & Targets

For stops and targets we’re going to use the support/resistance indicator.

Bufu Trend Trading System
Bufu Trend Trading System.
Bufu Trend with Trend Channel.
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Bufu Trend Trading System
Bufu Trend Trading System
Bufu Trend Trading System
Bufu Trend Trading System

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