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The ForexTrigger indicator is designed to automatically identify the trading setups described at the strategy guide. It automatically identifies strong trends and ranges, tells you which trading setup to trade which not to – and writes down the stop loss, take profit and Risk:Reward ratio for each trade.


The indicator also identifies trends and ranges, and will write whether the pair is trending up, down or in a range (flat trend with no momentum).

The indicator automatically alerts you when a signal is occurring to so you can analyze manually and take the trade.

Settings of the Indicator

There are several settings you can change in the indicator. You can reach the settings screen by clicking on the 'Inputs' tab when loading the indicator onto the chart:

LabelsColor – handles the color of the labels that appear on the screen. Change to any color that you are comfortable with.

Font.Size – Size of the font in the labels.

Sound.Alerts – Set to 'True' If you wish to receive sound notifications, or 'False' otherwise.

Email.Alerts – Set to 'True' if you wish to receive email notifications when a signal occurs. Read the next chapter to set the email settings properly



In the picture below Forex trigger indicator in action.

Forex Trigger indicator
Forex Trigger indicator

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Forex Trigger indicator
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