394# Bollinger Bands stop and Dolly Trading System

Submit by Maximo Trader 01/09/2012


Time Frame 30 min or H1

Currency pairs:any.



Brain trend 1

Dolly Graphic 11

BBstop v.1

Fib pivot 2

Heiken Asci

Zig Zag


Bollinger Bands Stop Trading

Long Entry

Buy Zone dolly (blue)

BBstop Buy Arrow

Brain Trend Buy Arrow.

Short Entry

Sell Zone dolly (Red)

BBstop Sell Arrow

Brain Trend Sell Arrow.

Exit position

At opposite arrow of the brain trend or at the levels pivot or at the levelssupport/resistance.

Place stop loss 5 pips above or below Bbstop arrows.


In the pictures Bollinger Bands stop and Dolly forex system in action.


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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