409# Market Statistics

Filter Indicator for Forex Trading Strategies

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Drag It modification by Brooky-Indicators.com Volume histogram implementation is based on Vadim Shumilov (DrShumiloff)'s VolumesHist2.3 indicator. Other concepts are inspired from Jperl's `Trading With Market Statistics` thread on Traders Laboratory.


Market Statistics is an filter for forex strategies trend following:

trade only buy if the price is above Market Statistics line (orange),

trade only sell if the price is below Market Statistics line (orange).

See examples

4h trader with Market Statistics;

Tom DeMark sequential ™;

This is the simplest way to use Market Statics. Can also be used with strategies based onsupport and resistance and analysis of the volume



Market Statistic Time Frame 4H
Market Statistic Time Frame 4H
Market Statistics with Tm Sequentiall
Market Statistics 4H Time Frame

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