177# SeKar Scalping Trading System

Submit by Ketang 18/01/2012


Time Frame: 5min

Currency Pair: EUR/USD


Forex Indicators:


DeMaker (8)

Envelopes (15); (MA Method LW)

SMA 15 High; SMA 15 Low:

Long Entry

The candle closes below envelopes, Demak is oversold, wait, that forms Fractalarrows and buy at the opening of the3 °candle after the arrows.


Short Entry

The candle closes above envelopes, Demak is overbought, wait, that forms Fractalarrows and sel at the opening of the3 °candle after the arrows.


Profit Target 5 pips.

Stop Loss 1 pips below previous swing.


In the pictures Sekar scalping trading system in action.


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Sekar Scalping Trading System
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