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Volumes Emphasized the real-time update of the current volume bar percentage indicator. Enhancements are added to the core coding of the copyright indicator

to enable the normal volume histogram to be seen along with volume

graduations generated by the core code. 

The histogram can be resized

down in the display window (shrink it) so that this indicator can

co-exist with another in the same window, yet occupy only the lower

regions of the window. The ShrinkNumber "1" sets a normal sized

display. Using "2" cuts the display height in half, "3" into a third,

"4" into a fourth, etc. The graduation bars display as their normal

height within the histogram. They can be emphasized with different

colors and by varying their width from the normal bars they overlay.

You can alter the graduations. Originally they were bars below average,

0-38.2% avg., 38.2%-61.8% avg., 61.8%-100% avg., and over 100% avg.

The below average bars are now just part of the normal histogram.

But the range from 0%-100% can be graduated differently by the user.

Instead of using 38.2 and 61.8 to divide that range into three parts,

you could use 33.33 and 66.66, or 25 and 50, etc. This is useful if

you want to NOT show so many different colors bars, maybe showing only

those between 50-100 and over 100. By selecting 25, 50 and then

coloring the 0-25 and 25-50 the same as the normal bars, you will

reduce the display of colored bars to just those in the 50-100 and the

100+ graduations. You can eliminate the display of selected graduations

by setting their width and color to the same as the normal histogram.

You can eliminate the display of the normal histogram and selected

graduations by coloring them "CLR_NONE", of if this does not work

satisfactorily, color them the same as the chart background color.

This will cause only the remaining graduated colored bars to be shown.

The Color tab of the Indicator's Properties Window allows you to set

the color and width of the normal histogram, of the three graduations

between 0-100, and the 100+ graduation. In addition to these, the

first two items on the list are for the zero line (normally not used)

and an extra, "Phantom" normal histogram. It is required to maintain

the indicator window height when the display is "shrunken" within the

window of another indicator. This item should always be made invisible

using "CLR_NONE" as the color choice. If this does not work, then it

should be colored the same color as the chart background.

This indicator can to use for trading also with binary options.

In the picture a simple example buy or sell.

Volumes Emphasized
Volumes Emphasized

Volume Trading with Bollinger

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