694# Cans Forex v.1

Trend momentum trading

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Cans Forex v.1 trend-momentum strategy.

Time frame 15 min, 30 min, 60 min. Intraday strategy.


Metatrader indicators:

Bband stop (20, 2);

MA average 5 open;

MA average 5 close;

Zig Zag 55, 17;

0 Zig Zag;

Pivot points;

Heiken Ashi Kuskus 2;

Stochastic oscillator (10,3,3);

RSI (14);


MACD (12, 26, 9).

Rule Cans Forex v.1

1. See v.1 cans forex trend in TF 1h, the long term trend menenutkan

2. See forex cans v.1 enter the TF 1h, consider if there are yellow arrows or new-formed round.

3. When there is a round yellow arrow or preconceived, note the direction of the zig-zag green and red (note: zig-zag green u / long term, red u / short term).

4. when the direction of the arrow or the direction of movement of the round yellow zig-zag note stochastic and RSI.

5. ensure that the stochastic is in overbought area and intersect each other, and RSI is pointing in the direction of the arrow.

6. wait for the confirmation in the next candelistik, to ensure a yellow arrow or not menghilanglagi round.

7. When the yellow arrow or round loss, directly open position TP SL 50pip 100pip

8. close out a position when the reverse indicator and immediately open a new position

9. Also note the location of the pivot point




Trend is your friend, do not trade against the trend.

Trading like you're not betting

high discipline in following the rule



Rule Cans Forex v.1

1. lihat cans forex trend v.1 di TF 1h, untuk menenutkan long term trend
2. lihat cans forex enter v.1 di TF 1h, perhatikan apabila ada panah atau bulat kuning yg baru 
3. apabila ada panah atau bulat kuning yg terbentuk, perhatikan arah pergerakan zig-zag
hijau dan merah (catatan: zig-zag warna hijau u/ long term, warna merah u/ short term).
4. apabila arah panah atau bulat kuning searah dengan pergerakan
zig-zag perhatikan stochastic dan rsi.
5. pastikan stochastic sudah di area overbought dan menyilang satu sama lain,
dan RSI mengarah sesuai arah panah.
6. tunggu komfirmasi di candelistik berikutnya, untuk memastikan panah atau bulat
kuning tidak menghilanglagi.
7. apabila panah atau bulat kuning tidak hilang, langsung open posisi SL 50pip TP 100pip 8. close posisi bila keluar indikator kebalikannya dan langsung open posisi baru 9. perhatikan letak pivot point juga Ingat: Trend adalah kawan, jangan bertrading melawan trend. Trading seperti anda tidak bertrading disiplin tingi dalam mengikuti rule
In the picutures  Cans Forex v.1 in action.
Cans Forex v.1
Cans Forex v.1
Cans Forex v.1
Cans Forex v.1
Cans Forex v.1
Cans Forex v.1


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