719# Anaconda Trading

The Thrut Snake with MACD

Submit by Louis 26/11/2016


Ancanda trading is profitable strategy only for men not faint of heart, because the fluctuations are strong. This strategy is trend following with large stop loss ant it's based on moving averages channel and MACD.

This strategy bases its money management on the martingale, but do not worry because in the end you will be always on the side of the market.

Only for boss.

Time frame 15 min or 30 min for intraday trading.

60 min or higher for swing trading.

Metatrader indicators

Moving Average LWMA 50 period, price close with 3 shift and level 60 and -60.

Volty channel optional only as level for stop loss.

MACD with EMA (fast 13, sloow 25, signal 5, ma of signal 200.).


Trading rules Anaconda Trading


When the price close above the moving average channel,

check the MACD, place an buy order, if the histogram is above the his gold line.



When the price close below the moving average channel,

check the MACD, place a sell order, if the histogram is below the his gold line.


Exit position and Martingala

You have to define for each currency and time frame level stop and take profit.

You may utilize a ratio ranging from 1: 1 to 2: 1 (profit/stop) in relation to market conditions.

This strategy is very speculative and it's demonstration purposes only and is a trading idea aimed at experienced traders

You can also make trading with this system without using the martingale.

In the pictures Anaconda trading in action.

Anaconda trading
Anaconda trading
Anaconda trading
Anaconda trading
Anaconda trading
Anaconda trading


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    Maxwell (Tuesday, 06 August 2019 09:23)

    eih, this is a good system!!! I Make pips with this...Thanks

  • #2

    Ringo (Sunday, 11 August 2019 19:50)

    Thanks to you Maxwell I'm testing the system and it's good. Now I'm in real and ok thanks for sharing your experience.

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