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Nihilist trend trading

is a template of FF , it is beyond the time frame of the trading system (H4 week).


I did some performance of this system. Here we use the following indicators:

1.) Nihilist_Ultra_Trend_V2

2.) Nihilist_Trend_Filter_1

3.) Nihilist_Trend_Filter_2

4.) Nihilist_Ultra_ADX


5.) Nihilist_Ultra_ADX_Dash_mtf

Review of systems



1.) Time Frame H4 / Daily / Weekly.

2.) Currency pair / metal either.


3.) buy-

1 Histogram (ultra trend) - lime.

2 Histogram (utf-1) - lime or dodgerblue

3 histograms (utf-2) - lime or dodgerblue.


4.) Prodaem--

1 Histogram (ultra trend) - red.

2 Histogram (utf-1) - red or orange

3 histograms (utf-2) - Red or orange


5.) exit (buy / sell)

a.) after a decent profit (up to you)

b.) a trade as long as there is the opposite signal.

c.) the weekly support / resistance level can be used.

d.), you can use a trailing stop.

e) fixed or TP -. 50/100/150/200 / or more. (Read above as tf D1 & weekly.)


6.) We care a week's level of support / resistance / labels of Pivot. as well as the psychological round labels.


7.) SL - the last swing high (for short-term trading) / the last swing low (for trade).

8.) Stay sideline events during high impact news.


You are invited to demo trade first.

Wish you luck.

- The nihilist


What Nihilist_Ultra_ADX and how to use-



Nihilist ultra adx is a bar graph type indicator that is derived from the built in ADX MT4.

if you use a template, you will find 5 rows in the window with 4 colors, square blocks.

in 1st row - ADX 7 period.

2nd row - ADX 21 periods.

3rd row - ADX 42 period.

4th row - ADX 89 periods.

5th row - ADX 144 period.

let us know the color legend-

Lime - adx growing up-trend (active bullish movement)

DodgerBlue-adx reduced to a trend (bullish movement inactive or slow the bullish movement)

Red - adx growing downtrend (Active downward movement)

DarkOrange - adx decreases with downward trend (bearish movement inactive or slow downward movement)


How to use this kit ADXs-

if the 5 lines in a column indicates lime color, then it is very active bullish movement.

if 5 rows column shows red, it is very active bearish movement.


if every time frame (specifically M5 weekly tf) shows, lime or red, you can go to class 1 trade with the maximum lot size. This is a very powerful indicator, and it will never be redrawn after the close of the candle.

In the pictures Nihilist trend trading in action.

Nihilist trend trading
Nihilist trend trading
Nihilist trend trading
Nihilist trend trading
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