FVT Trading System

Double Filter 

Submit by Simon 17/08/2015

FVT trading system is a complete strategy trend momentum with more filters.

You can trade intraday or swing. This strategy is discretionary.

Time frame 15 min or higher.

Financial Markets: Indicies, Currency pairs and Commodities.

Metatrader Indicators:

T3 Clean,

Moving average 200 period (optional),

Ema 89 close (optional),

EMA 55 close, (optional),

EMA 21 close, (optional),

Signal bars,

Strength Candles > 60,

FVT Signal,

1 indicator,

2 indicator,

volatility qualitiy nrp, (optional)

Ssl Fast. (optional)

Trading rules FVT Trading System


Indicator 2 green dot,

FVT Signal aqua bar.


Indicator 2 red dot

FVT maron bar.

Exit position is discretionary.

In the pictures FVT Trading System in action.

FVT Signal basic rules
FVT Signal basic rules


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