700# Kumo Breakout

Kumo trading super easy

Submit by Lucien 21/08/2016


Kumo Breakout is a simple trading system based on Ichimoku indicator.

On this site they are other strategies based on this tecnique.

I add a filter of the trend.

You can apply this trading system also with renko chart (box size 3 pips or higher) or range bar chart (box size 6 pips or higher).

Time frame 15 min or higher.


Currency pairs: any.

Metatrader Indicators:

Ichimoku (9, 40, 52);

1 bars back;

Kumo Breakout histo (9, 40, 52);

Trend Indicator as filter.


Trading Rules Kumo Breakout



Price above Kumo.

Kumo breakout Histo green bar.

Trend Indicator green bar.



Price below Kumo.

Kumo breakout Histo red bar.

Trend Indicator red bar.


Exit position options:

Moving averages cross in opposite direction:

Trailing Stop;

Profit Target predetermined.


Advantage of this technique is the clarity.

Disadvantage some false signals in lateral markets.


This is a winning technique if the ratio profit / loss is> 1.

In the pictures Kumo Breakout in action.

Kumo Breakout
Kumo Breakout
Kumo Breakout
Kumo Breakout
Kumo Breakout with Renko Chart
Kumo Breakout with Renko Chart

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    Can you help me download a trading tool?
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    samad1361 (Monday, 29 April 2019 21:52)

    چطور می توانید کمکم کنید تا در بازار معاملاتی انجام دهم

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