741# Xard Manual Trading System

Last Xard777 Trading System

Submit 06/2017 Janus Trader

Last Xard777 Trading System is a trend-momentum strategy based on MACD and RSI oscillator.

Time Frame 60 min or higher.

Currency pairs: majors.

Metatrader Indicators:

ADX Histo

AR ZZZ Currency gold

Info Box

MACD Oscillator,

Murrey Math levels lines,

News Indicator,

Period open line,

Pips calculator,

Price Zone indicator,

Price signal indicator,

RSI T3 candles,

RSI T3 histo,

The list D1 – H4- H1 inicators.



One of the strategies that I use with this metatrader template is to trade off (or as close to) the Daily Open Line shown on the H1 chart. The Dashed lines shown on the 1hr chart are 50 pips away from each other and the open line (ideal for target line and exit lines should price retreat back over these lines).


On 4hr chart this Open line becomes Weekly and on the Daily chart the Open line becomes Monthly


Generic rules


RSI above T3

D+ above D- and above 20

MACD above zero level and above signal line.



RSI below T3

D+ below D- and above 20


MACD below zero level and below signal line.

In the Figure Xard Manual Trading System in action.

 Xard Manual Trading System
Xard Manual Trading System

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Xard Manual System
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