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Heiken Ashi trading method

Babon trading method
Babon trading method

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Introduction. The essence of the system (Translate from russian with Google translate)

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Trading system "Babon" is a unique combination of simplicity and functionality: using the main essence of the work, it can be easily adjusted according to your style of trading, making it even more convenient and more profitable. The peculiarity of the system - the lack of stop / loss'ov, which is used instead of the so-called method of "revolutions" that allows even a novice to master it without any problems. Builds on the use of trade indicators Slope Direction Line indicator and Rads MTF Has Bas, the description of which you will find below. Work taymfrem H4 allows you to use the system to complete, but at least give it their time. Working with this system is carried out on a package of trade pairs (ie, more than five at a time), which allows it to remain profitable even if unwanted price changes have occurred in some pairs.

Setting indicators


The main indicators used in the system "Babon":

- Slope Direction Line with parameters (10,3,0)

- Rads MTF Has Bar with standard parameters. For this indicator, you must also install the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator.

Indicators are copied to the folder "indicators", which is - \ MetaTrader \ experts \ indicators. If MetaTrader was included, it should be restarted.

To apply any indicator to the chart, it must be dragged from the Navigator \ Polzovatelskie_indikatory on the graph window, setting the necessary parameters in the dialog box (as they can be changed later through the "Properties" from the context menu). With regard to the installation Has Bar, the first on the schedule you want to transfer Has Bar A, and it is already Has Bar B.


Also download all the indicators required system can be made by downloading a template.

Indicator Has Bar, consisting of four strips of "squares", indicates the direction of price movement in an active and three senior timeframes, ie the bottom bar shows the movement of prices on the H4, three - on D1, W1, MN. To make a decision about entering or revolution we are interested in only the lower band of the H4.


Thus, once closed "box" on the H4 color, different from the previous ones, it is a signal to enter or coup in the opening of a new candle (If close the "square" has a different color point in the middle, we see as a continuation of the movement in the past and we continue to wait for direction to form a "square" completely one color). But before entering and pay attention to the color of the indicator Slope line, which must also match the color of the last "square" (otherwise, forward matching colors). Obviously, the green signals to us about the need to buy (Buy), red - sale (Sell).

Babon trading method
Babon trading method

In a similar situation, but with the reverse color change (from red to green) - buy.


The essence of "revolution" is that instead of completely withdraw from the transaction, we closed the Buy order, immediately opening a Sell order on the same pair (and also vice versa - closing Sell, immediately open Buy). Thus, it appears that the trader is always "on the market".

Risk Warning


Before starting work on the system on a real account it is recommended for some time to test it on a demo. Like any other system, the system "Babon" campaign requires competent management and distribution of finances (money management). Due to the fact that trade is conducted on an unlimited number of pairs, you must use a mini-lots, and the number of currency pairs increased gradually, with the balance of the growth.



Thank you for attention! All successful trading!

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Babon trading method
Babon trading method

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