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Today I want to share with you a powerful authoring system trading developer who has positioned itself as the best strategy for trading in the Forex market is called Forex Train.


It is a universal system, and can be used on different currency pairs (in particular such as: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CAD, AUDJPY, etc.) and time intervals from the M5 and above. When choosing a period not forget that the lower the more false signals the opening of the transaction can flow.


Indicators TS-1 # 1.1, # 1.2 TS-1, TS-1 # 1.3 - a tool for the construction of a universal price channel forex, where 1.3 - is the level 0 a dashed border and 3 °, 1.1 - the place border before 0- 1.2 level - the second level of border post 0. these indicators are signaling, given that the entry to the market is carried out by these levels of these channels.

Filter indicator - a tool to determine the current trend on the main price chart. of the curved line indicator it tends to change color at a turning point in the market trend (bottom - green, top-down – red).

Indicator exponential moving average with period 55 (fast) and 233 (slow), respectively.


Indicators of TS-1 and TS-1 # 4 # 5 - are displayed in separate windows on the chart and act as a trend filter to refine its definition at a time.


And last, this is the RSI (13 period) and imposed on him TS-1 # 2 signal instrument showing overbought and oversold conditions of the market. Alarm Indicator TS-1 # 2 is also equipped with an audible and visual signal.


Trading Rules



Fast moving average with a period of 55 should be above the slow (233) and showing an upward trend.

Indicator filter must be painted green, respectively, showing an upward trend.

The RSI indicator must be between levels 38 and 62.

TS-1 # 2 alarm indicator should show oversold.

Filters tendency TS-1, TS-1 # 4 and # 5 should also show a corresponding trend (upwards).

If all these conditions, the input buy purchase is carried out from 0 ° or 1 ° dotted channel of lower level.



For Sell reverse conditions

In the pictures Forex Train in action.

Forex Train
Forex Train
Forex Train
Forex Train
Forex Train
Forex Train

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