685# Perpetual Profits Softaware

Trend-Momentum Dashboard

Perpetual Profits Softaware is a trend- momentum dashboard.

This is a tool that helps you in trading decisions.


There are 14 indicators displayed in 8 different time frames: M1, 5M, 15M, 30M, 60M, 240M, Daily, Weekly

It has an immediate visual impact.

This tool can be used for any kind of financial markets: Forex, Indices,

The indicators that make up this amazing tool are as follows:

MACD (12, 26,9);

Stochastic oscillator( 8,3,3 stoch ob 80-stoch os 20);

RSI 14 period ( RSI ob 80- RSI os 20);

CCI 14 period (level 100 and -100);

ADX 14 period, close;

MA1 15 period, close;

MA2 50 period close;

MA3 100 period, close;

Momentum 14 period, close;

RVI 14 period, close;

Force indicator 14 period, close;

Bull 14 period;

Bear 14 period;

ATR 21 period.


This dashboard can be used as confirmation or to enter the market when they concur (they are in the same direction) at least 10 indicators of the same time frame and the next.


The best results are obtained in using this tool as a confirmation.

In the picture Perpetual Profits Softaware in action.

Perpetual Profits Softaware
Perpetual Profits Softaware


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    Peter Stone (Sunday, 13 January 2019 11:24)

    In the dashboard for the Perpetual Profits Software, could you explain the meanings and differences between the TD1, TD2, TD3, and TD4 please.My email is thestones@y7mail.com

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