730# Super Profit Trading

MT4 Stop and reverse filtered

Submit by Meck 04/02/2017


Super Profit Trading is a template trend-momentum.

Time frame 15 min or higher.

Currency pairs:majors.


This guide should load all indicators correctly.
New MT4 900+ built installation guide
Open MT4 platform. Click: File/Open Data Folder. Inside click:
MQL4/Indicators - and paste all system indicators. Do same with
template at File/Open Data Folder/templates.
After finished restart you MT4 platform for changes to apply.
Metatrader indicators
7-21-55 kumo (optional)
T3 08
Lurch SR
Gold Bands 10, 6, 4
Gold Bands 60, 6, 4
Indicator window 1:
Trend Signal 5, 17, 2,
CCI Nuf V.4
Indicator window 2:
SFET Podvale 34, 0, 234
profitable strategy V1

Trading Rules Super Profit Trading

This system offers more entry options, it is important that at least three 
indicators are agreed in the same direction.
Buy Gold bands blue SFET green CCI Nuf >0 Sell Gold bands red SFET red CCI Nuf <0 You can also try other entry. Exit position is discretionary. Super profit trading with renko chart is a good option for trading. Box size 5 pips or higher.
In the pictures Super Profit Trading in action.
Super Profit Trading
Super Profit Trading
Super Profit Trading
Super Profit Trading
Super Profit Trading with renko chart
Super Profit Trading with renko chart

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Comments: 8
  • #1

    Marco (Sunday, 05 February 2017 11:14)

    There isn't gold bands in the folder

  • #2

    Harry (Thursday, 16 February 2017)

    Hi Meck Or Admin,

    is there any indicator repainting in this system?

    please let me know


  • #3

    mona (Sunday, 19 February 2017 10:10)

    SFET_V_PODVALE indicator repaints, the other indicator wont, otherwise this is decent trading system

  • #4

    Lory (Wednesday, 22 February 2017 16:44)

    The system does not paint and is a winner!

  • #5

    ali (Friday, 24 February 2017 14:26)

    be careful.SFET_V_PODVALE indicator repaints

  • #6

    jeff (Sunday, 21 October 2018 02:44)

    Which is it ? Does the SFET V Podvale repaints or not? The two above comments conflict with each other.

  • #7

    p.meck (Friday, 19 April 2019)

    will take a look at, i like renko

  • #8

    Jafar Tahir (Tuesday, 31 October 2023 17:22)

    The indicator redraws itself for the last two candles, but the method of redrawing is acceptable, as when drawing the column at the top, such as green, at the beginning, and the column at the bottom, I carry, do not exit the deal, but wait for the appearance in the column above of confirmation candles, then another, but when it appears in color

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