724# BSTrend

Super Trend Following Trading

Submit by Larry 20/012/2016


BST Trend is a trend following strategy based all on trend indicators. This is a pure trend following metatrader 4 system. This strategy is for intraday or swing trading.

The indicator of base for this system is bollinger band stop we have four BB Stop.

On this site there are other similar strategies.

Time frame 15 min or higher


Financial markets: any.

Metatrader indicators

GWS Zig Zag point (12, 5, 3),

Zig Zag (12, 5,3),

Super signals,

Bstop (Lenght 5, deviation, 2 , money risk 1, signal line 1),

Bstop (Lenght 5, deviation, 3 , money risk 1, signal line 1),

Bstop (Lenght 5, deviation, 4 , money risk 1, signal line 1),

Heiken Ashi Smothed,

Anggree arrow

Exponential moving average 10 period. close,

Exponential moving average 20 period, close,

Exponential moving average 50 period, close.


Bs Trend indicator (12)


Trading rules BSTrend

Trading only in the direction of the trend.



Third buy arrow in same direction

BSTrend blue bar.

Step up down buy > 55.

Heiken Ashi Smothed blue.



Third buy arrow above exponentials moving averages



Third sell arrow in same direction

BSTrend red bar.

Step up down sell > 55

Heiken Ashi Smothed red.



Third sell arrow below exponentials moving averages


Optional: for the best entries wait the retracement on the moving averages.


Initial stop loss on the previous high/low.

Exit at the first opposite arrow or with predetermined profit target.


In the pictures BSTrend in action.



Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy


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