686# Moderate Swing Trading

RSI Channel trading in trend

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Moderate Swing trading is an simple strategy based on the moving averages and rsi channel indicator. This is a swing strategy but but a quick profit goal.

Time frame 30 min or higher.


Financial markets: any.

Metatrader indicators:

Exponential moving average 50 smoothed, close;

Exponential moving average 21 smoothed, close;

Exponential moving average 11 smoothed, close.


RSI Channel (RSI Channel by Madlen):

RSI period 2;

high/low period 9;

T 3 period 9;

T3 0.8.


Moderate Swing Trading rules


The first rule for this forex strategy is find always the best conditions for trading,

for this are:


up trend:

M11>M21>M50; M21>50


down trend

M11<M21<M50; M21<50



RSI Channel buy arrows confirmed by M11>M21>M50; M21>50



RSI Channel sell arrows confirmed by M11<M21<M50; M21<50


Profit target 15-20 pips TF 30 min.

Profit target 20-25 pips TF 60 min.

Profit target 25-50 pips TF 240 min.

Profit target 50-100 pips TF 1440 min.



Stop loss the same value of profit target.

In the pictures Moderate Swing Trading in action.

Moderate Swing Trading
Moderate Swing Trading
Moderate Swing Trading
Moderate Swing Trading


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