615# Nostradamus Forex System

Volume Volatility: Complex system for forecast

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Nostradamus forex system is a trading system complex based on more indicators, there is also Nostradamus indicator based on Neural Networws.

Nostradamus forex system is a intraday strategy.

Time frame 5 min, 15 min, 30 min.


Metatrader Indicators setting:

Stock Candles ( 30, 10, 10, overbougth 80, oversold 20);

Trend Follow Zeron MA period 2( Ma Method 1) Step 5, (This repaint indicator );

Moving Average (14 period);

Nostradamus ( Furure bars 60) Best options future bars 11-21),

B-Block indicator,

Trend color MTF, (setting: next time frame), for 5 min time frame set (15 min), for 15 min TF set (30 min) , for 30min set (60 min);

Hill no repaint arrows : RSI 14 period, Bollinger Bands 100 period, deviaation 1,5; alert true;

Volume Volatility indicator this indicator is an best filter for trading decision,

Aw: Way,

Use show same true,

count same way bars, 3 period,

Highest vol 9 period,

sshow daily way true.

This is a price action system in the picture explain the rules.

Nostadamus Forex System
Nostadamus Forex System
Nostradamus Forex System
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