188 Megatrend Trading System


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Time:Frame:15min, H1, 4H.

Currency Pairs: all.







Trading Rules

Long Entry

1 – Price Above RED moving average indicator ( Megatrend )

2 – JRSX Indicator showing RED line at or above 70 


Short Entry

1 - Price Below Green moving average indicator ( Megatrend )

2 – JRSX Indicator showing GREEN line at or below 30 



In the pictures Megatrend  forex system in action.


For Targets we are going to use support and resistance indicator. This indicator shows the major support and resistance over a specific period of time. For example: 7 days.

You can change the period used by the indicator from the settings window, if you like.

Green line = Sell trades target 


Red line = Buy trades target

Megatrend System
Forex Trading System
Megatrend System.rar
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The recommended stop loss is the last support and resistance level. but if you don’t know how to trade with support and resistance, you can also use fixed number of pips for each trade.


For 15M and 30M time frames – 50 Pips

For 1H time frame - 75 Pips

For 4H time frame – 100 pips

While the system can be used with all time frames, The above are the recommended time frames.



Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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    hassan (Friday, 15 April 2016 20:44)

    its looking great , Wanna Test it hopefully Not repaints...

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    Xoung (Friday, 27 March 2015 07:36)

    Nice indicator, awesome!!