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Trading this system is very simply, you will see a green channel on the one hour time frame, it is the four hour channel, when you go to the four hour chart you will see the gold/yellow channel, it is the daily channel, and if you are on the daily channel, you will see the red channel which is the weekly channel. On the bottom of each time frame is the customized awesome oscillator in red and green, as well as the x-forcaster, it is in red and green and looks like a macd. 


When the red target anchors on an upper channel in an uptrend and closes red directly beneath that channel, you wait for the next candle to break the low or close, and enter/sell, there will be a red line directly to the right of the red target, you can place your stop anywhere from 15 to 50 pips above that level, I have found that if it breaks that horizontal line in most cases the trade is not going to work.

The trade also has the best results when the channel is sloping down. Buy trades are exactly the opposite. when the green target anchors on the bottom of the channel, you wait for the candle right above it to close green. If it does, you enter long on the break of that candles close or high. Underneath the oscillator window at the bottom of the chart, There are four time frame channels, 1 hour. 4 hour and daily and weekly. when the yin and yang signal accompanies the target(you can draw a vertical line from the target to the yinyang signal, and the oscillator turns from red to green for long/buy, and green to red for short/sell, it is added confirmation of the trades chances of success, underneath the yinyang circle, you will see dots, either red or green. the more dots(time frames in a line, the higher probability of the success of your trade. If you have a daily, 4hr and 1hr green dot and yin and yang, an up sloping channel, and a green target anchored to the bottom of your channel, your chances are better than if you only have one green dot and an anchor. Be aware that the pop up alerts are in reverse, most time a sell pop-up is a buy. when the target first appears on your chart, for example a red target first appears, the price IS going to go up untill that target stops and becomes stationary.

The midline of the customized oscillator will give you a pop up alert when that 0 line is crossed, it indicates a change in trend direction. Keep in mind that the higher time frames are more reliable than the lower ones. If you want to trade off the one hour channels, you will have to go into the multichannel indicator properties and turn it on, and trade lower time frames within that channel. Also keep in mind when channels intersect on your chart, it is a great trading opportunity, either long or short, wait for the target to anchor on those intersecting channels and trade the targets accordingly. Lastly, the midlines of any channel, the dashed line in the center can and does act as resistance or support, sometimes it is a good place to close your profitable trades, unless price breaks the line right away. If you have any questions email me and if you need to speak to me on the phone, email your contact number where you can be reached, unless you are outside the united states in which case I will send you mine. Best wishes for your success, you may want to demo this system for awhile untill you get a feel for the way price responds to the indicators, and to see how the template draws the impulse and wave lines as well as support and resistance. For those that wish to trade trending markets, the second template has 50, 100, and 200 ema's and the targets with no channels. The channels are best for finding trades where the supply or demand has reached its limit/and for ranging markets.

There are no hard and fast rules as far as take profit is concerned. I usually look to a 1:2 or 1:3 risk vs reward scenario. You may wish to wait until the opposite signals show up once you are in a trade. On the first template, some times I will trade from channel to channel or exit at the median line. This is something you will have to work out for yourself depending on your level of patience and risk tolerance and how many trades you have open simultaneously. I suggest you run it on strategy tester on the 4hr and daily charts, keeping in mind that because of the amount of code written into the multichannel indicator, that is the one indicator that will not run in strategy tester, everything else does, and it will help you become familiar with how the templates plot trendlines, and impulse elliot waves in real time. I also suggest you zoom out on the daily chart so that you can see the perfect alignment setups showing 1hr 4hr daily and weekly at the bottom of the chart. Perfect storm two is the best template to run on strategy tester.

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    Lagarto Pancracio (Wednesday, 20 May 2015 04:46)


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    Sasha (Monday, 02 November 2015 11:25)

    How would i email to speak about this strategy?

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    alex (Friday, 14 September 2018 15:01)

    all indicators are repaint and dont use for buy and sell

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