257# Dolly 2 Trading System

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Entry & Exit Basic Rules


1. GMACD - main trend H4 & D1 (for Major Trend) - GREEN color (Up


2. Guppy Line - Make sure Blue Line Above Red Line.

3. Place Buy Order

 Instant Order : Buy Stop-1 Price OR in Blue Area before Buy Stop-1 TP

 Pending Order : Price Buy Stop-1, TP @ Buy Stop-1 TP, SL @ Buy

Stop-1 SL



1. GMACD - main trend H4 & D1 (for Major Trend) - RED color (Down


2. Guppy Line - Make sure Blue Line Below Red Line.

3. Place Sell Order

 Instant Order : Sell Stop-1 Price OR in Red Area before Sell Stop-1 TP

 Pending Order : Price Sell Stop-1, TP Sell Stop-1 TP, SL Sell

Stop-1 SL

Noise Filter

This filter work for Instant Order.

1. Bollinger Bands (21,2) TF H1

2. Envelopes (21,0.07%) TF H1

3. GMACD2 (8,17,9) TF H1


When price TOUCH or IN SELL/BUY AREA make sure candle below/above

mid bands and outside below/above and not touch envelopes. GMACD2 cross

down/upwards. Make sure previous candle NOT close inside below/above

envelopes. Place orders on next candle.

Dolly 0% & 100% Fibo Lines

PAIR: Any (Please set Fibo_Lines = True)

** This technic will give you 99.9% performance & low risk

To set pending order normally The original strategy is placing stop order above

and below price at open price of daily candle. However, different broker usually

start new daily candle at different time because of GMT differential. This matter

can be solved by changing GMT parameter value at the indicator properties.


1) Place Buy Stop Fibo 100% + 2 pip + Pair Spread

2) SET TP 5-10 pip or 0.000 (use trailing for better result)

3) SET SL 100% price - 20-30 pip


1) Place Red Stop Fibo 0% + 2 pip + Pair Spread

2) SET TP 5-10 pip or 0.000 (use trailing for better result)

3) SET SL 0% price + 20-30 pip

Things to consider with G#MACD

1. NEVER Trade against the H1

2. Look for a steep angle and good separation on the lines - the best moves are

when the lines go through the zero level at a steep angle

3. The histogram gives an early warning of direction and strength

4. Look for DIVERGENCE on the higher timeframes

5. If H1 & H4 are turned in the same direction then moves of 120 to 200 plus

are on with the GBP

6. If H1 & H4 are against each other then moves of 80 to 100 pips for the


7. M15 shows the medium moves

8. M5 and M1 are used to fine tune the entries, wait for the M5 to just turn if

possible confirmed with a slightly previous M1 turn in the same direction

this way even if you are wrong generally you will get out of the trade with a

small loss or a small profit. M5 moves can show anything from 10 pips to 60

pips or more depending on the day.

9. Below the zero level is downward pressure and above the zero level is

upward pressure

10.If the M15 is on the zero level and almost parallel to it usually the H1 is

fairly flat as well this means the market has no real direction DO NOT

TRADE.However the longer this situation continues generally the larger

and more explosive the move when it comes - this is a situation often seen

on the trading day just before NFP is posted.

11.The M15 G#MACD moves back to the zero level after a large move, this

is NEUTRALISATION and not a directional indication or DIVERGENCE

it is merely the indicator resetting - After it reaches the zero level then what

happens is important.

Dolly Trading System: Template MT4

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