154# The Bat Method

Submit by JanusTrader (Written by aphid team)


This strategy was devised by Team Aphid.

It is a medium term, easy to trade system with a good win loss ratio. It is traded using

an indicator that is based on the ATR trailing stop.

Correct money management and risk is an extremely important factor in the success of using this system.

Attached you will also find the BAT ATR indicator.



1. During backtests, we used MT4 with Alpari data. You can use any MT4 platform and data feed but due to variations between platforms and data feed, traders will get different signals as ATR lines-Prices/times etc on data feeds vary.

2. Use 1 Hour Chart and start with GBPUSD. Later on, we’ll discuss other currencies as well.

3. Put on the indicator FF ATR Trailing Stop v 1. (Set the indicator parameters to ATR Period 5 and Factor to 4.0)


4. Insert on the chart the Fib retracement tool ( F and dotted lines button on toolbar.) Once the fib lines are on the chart right click on the chart and got to objects

list’ and then highlight the fib tool and click ‘edit’. Go to the fibo level tab and enter or change the following.


Level 0 Description ‘Swing’

Level 0.382 Description ’38.2 - 2 lots’

Level 0.618 ’61.8 - 1 lot’

Level 1 ‘Enter 1 lot’

Level 1.618 ‘161.8’

The Bat Method
The Bat Method

The Blue and Red Lines are called BAT lines.



The Strategy


Our entry into a trade occurs when price breaks through the BAT line. If the current BAT is blue then price will be above it. As soon as price touches and breaks through the blue BAT we are going SHORT with one entry. It is a good idea to place a pending order at this BAT line to be sure not to miss the initial entry. Once price breaks through the blue BAT line then you will notice a red BAT line

starting to form. It will not happen in the current time bar but will start to form at the close of the next time bar. The rules will be the reverse for a long trade.


 It is important to know when a trade is triggered as we then have to place pending orders. The MT platform has an alert facility in the terminal section. Please set this up to give you an alert as soon as price breaks through.


Simple Bat Trade

I will explain the simple BAT trade with the following example. See the chart 2.

Price was under the red BAT line from 22/12 and on 27/12 price breaks through the red BAT line at 9589.

We now place the fib lines on the chart. We draw the fib line from the trade entry point at 9589 to a recent or significant low. In this example I will draw the fib lines to the low of the bar 26/12 19.00 at 1.9511. See the chart.

Forex Trading System
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The Bat Method
The Bat Method

Practice drawing the fibs.

Once the trade has been triggered (we will call this entry ‘trade1’) we place pending orders in the following way. They will be LONG trades.

Pending order for trade 2 at the 61.8 level 1 lot, pending order for 2 contracts (trade 3 and 4 ) at the 38.2 level.

Our stop loss at this stage will be 10 pips below the most recent low (The low we drew the fib to) .

The strategy is to pick up more trades if price retraces to these levels. In the simple BAT trade price does not retrace…..it just zooms through.

See chart 3…it shows that price just continues to go north. Once price hits the 161.8 level then you can cancel your pending orders.

{If price turns around from the 161.8 level then it is most likely a reversal of trend

and we do not want to be adding more trades)

Once the blue BAT line has started to form and once it passes our original stop we move our stop to the level of the blue BAT line and always keep it there.The simple BAT exit for this trade is when price breaks through the blue BAT lineand will give us entries to go SHORT.



Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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